The Murano Animal Collection

Menagerie of vintage Murano glass elephants


Welcome to my personal collection of vintage Murano art glass elephants. Click the links to the right to view a description and photographs of each elephant. I hope you enjoy viewing these wonderful animals designed and created by the glass masters of Murano, Venice, Italy, a wonderful city that I visited some years ago and hope to return to in the future. Do bookmark the website to come back again as I will add additional vintage elephants as collected.

Sadly, with the influx of fake Murano elephants from China and other countries masquerading as Murano elephants and frequently misrepresented on eBay and other websites, it is getting more difficult to find the genuine old ones so I rely on trusted sources, reference books and the knowledge I have gained from discussing them with acknowledged Murano experts. Just handling and examining the vintage elephants in my collection also gives me a real feeling of what is truly old and what is not.

My interest in collecting Murano art glass elephants was sparked by a beautiful green glass vintage Murano elephant I purchased in a little antique shop in Sorrento, Italy while holidaying there in the summer of 2011. Sadly, it was broken when the bag I was carrying it in hit the hotel's revolving door while leaving for the airport. Would I have stopped at that one green elephant had it survived the journey home? I will never know and perhaps it was fate as it piqued my interest in these gorgeous glass animals from the little island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon.

Thinking back to my childhood in the 1950s, I recall well being lifted along with other children on to a double-sided wooden seat strapped over an elephant's back in Dublin Zoo and taken for rides down to the Zoo's lake and back by the elephant Zookeeper. Zoo records show the elephant was an Asian elephant named Sarah and the Zookeeper, Jimmy Kenny, father of well known Irish broadcaster, Pat Kenny. These exciting trips for children ceased in 1961 although Jimmy Kenny would still allow the younger children sit on the young female elephant Komali in the yard beside the elephant house. At such an early age, what an introduction it was to these magnificent animals, treasured memories indeed. Perhaps this is why I just adore these Murano art glass elephants.

Click Links to the right for some useful Murano Glass websites and I especially recommend a visit to the Murano Zoo.   

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